The nature of this blog could go on about different aspects of this title but today I am talking about the unbalancing act and how unbalanced hormone levels make girls crazy. I am a girl. I feel happy and content almost every day. Then my period comes, ransacks and causes chaos with my estrogen & testosterone levels and the crazy comes out. I’m extra sensitive, over emotional and highly expressive with it! Why!

How did we get so jipped so as to feel all the birthing process, blood/life renewal and then the hormonal wave changes — every month! Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of having so much power to give birth or having an inner cleanse so to speak. It just seems a bit much really.

As per my nutritionist friends, balancing your horomones can be assisted with a healthy lifestyle (exercise) and supplements (maca and chaste tree for example). I am still testing both of these out and will report back with results in the next few months! I guess for now all I can say is I feel for my boyfriend. I need to make some caution sign for him to tread carefully.


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