A Tourtière on Bowen

Yesterday I went on a random exploratory trip to Bowen Island. I woke up to the beautiful sun and wanted to take advantage of the amazing weather so I jumped on a bus towards Horseshoe Bay and bought the first ferry ticket out which happened to be heading to Bowen Island. I have never been prior so it made the trip extra exciting. To be completely honest I was really after just the ferry ride. There’s something about being on a boat in the water on a beautiful day that just soothes my soul, especially when you live in beautiful British Columbia!


So I hopped off the ferry at Snug Cove realized how really small Bowen Island was that there was one coffee shop and a couple other random food spots. I was actually looking for a ‘BC Ferries’ office/desk to purchase a ticket back. It took about five minutes to walk around the “busy” street to realize there was no BC Ferry office and that your ticket to Bowen is the same ticket you use to sail back! What a cute little town. I spent the next couple of hours checking out their park and reading a book right by the water – the last time I read a book or attempted to was ages ago so this was a much needed R&R trip. Lunch was at Lime & Moon Pie Shop where I had an amazing slice of tourtiere, a French Canadian classic, a freshly ground beef & pork pie made 100% natural no gmo and grain fed meat. AMAZING.

It was a super short and unplanned trip to Bowen Island but it was pretty relaxing. I felt like I had found a hidden gem only 30 minutes away from the heart of Downtown Vancouver.


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