They say emotions can run a person and I am 100% convinced this is true. Obviously it depends on your personality and how much you are in tune with your emotions and of course your belief of its importance in your life. As you can deduce, I am quite an emotional person but also can be quite rational. When I’m emotional, I can rationalize how I feel and almost convince myself that my feelings are justified – but quite often that leads me into a deeper hole than normal because I start sulking instead of actively trying to get out of my rut.

Yesterday I know I made a stink that my boyfriend had to take a work job and cancelled our plans. Deep inside I knew if the situation was reversed I would have done exactly as he had, however, I needed to hear from him and his genuine sincerity that he too was looking forward to hanging out. I’m very much a brat in this case – and I can fully admit it. I felt down but I think I was more upset that I thought he wasn’t comfortable sharing his ‘on call status’ and a portion of me wondered whether he preferred to work than spend time with me. Needy, I know but sometimes a girl just needs affirmation. I guess I could start talking about Gary Chapman’s Five Languages of Love here because gift giving and acts of service are at the bottom for me in the Love Language Department. I require quality time, physical touch and on occasion words of affirmation. I guess the next step trying to get him to take this test also, and of course, trying not to sulk as often.


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