The Nutter

I’ve never been a meal replacement kind of girl. Who wants to drink liquids when there are multitude of solid food options available?!

Since I’ve started working for TallGrass I’ve been exposed to the essential nutrients and natural foods that are missing from our everyday meals which can be available in supplement form. Most recently, with their new Botanica Greens (the chocolate flavor is like crack) I began to drink ‘healthy’.  And then I began to add the Vega protein powders and realized that this actually satisfied my hunger. And on occasion when I felt that I was over eating and wasn’t hungry for anything smoothies would do the trick to satisfy my appetite. Yesterday after work I stumbled into Whole Foods and picked up the Nutter. It’s probably my favorite smoothie concoction: Banana, dates, almond milk, almond butter and the Vega Chocolate protein. It was like dessert for dinner really. I wouldn’t say it was a meal replacement but I did not feel hungry for a meal after. It is highly recommended. Even just as a treat without the protein.


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