Road to Recovery

I had my first ever osteopathy appointment tonight with Ian McCarthy an Osteopathic Practitioner, Athletic Therapist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist at the Vancouver Osteopathy Centre. To be honest I had no idea what osteopathy was. I had mentioned to a friend who is a nutritionist within the natural health foods field that I had seen a physiotherapist and had an appointment with an RMT to help my hip problem and she suggested an osteopath. Although I was also hesitant to push through with the appointment, since last week the RMT literally massaged my hip joint back into its socket,  I did go forward with it as I would like to know what actually happened and how I can prevent it from happening again.

It was quite an interesting and yes painful experience. Lots of poking, elbowing, prodding but definitely a good step forward to trying to understand what is going on in my hip and how I can move towards running again. I left feeling sore with homework to do every day for the next ten days. It turns out that I lack in stability on my left leg and now need to ease the tightness and strengthen the core.  Our goal is to increase my stability and strengthen my running form. Overall I liked his methodical approach at discovering the problem spots and his natural attempt to solve it.  I’ll check back in after our next appointment.


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