Book Club

My first ever book club meeting was held at the Rogue Wetbar & Restaurant on Broadway. It was quite timely during happy hour. I didn’t feel too much like dinner so I ordered two appies. Their happy hour poutine was amazing not over gravied or cheese it was just enough, especially for $3.99! And then I also ordered their calamari. Calamari always seems to be a hit or miss for most places – strangely however they always have it on the menu. The best calamari for me is dependent on how cooked the squid is and the batter seasoning. This past year I may have experienced THE best calamari at Trattoria on Kingsway. The batter didn’t taste like batter but just a perfect seasoning over perfectly cooked squid. I would go back just for the calamari. At the Rogue, however, I felt gravely disappointed with how rubbery and over cooked the squid was and the lack of any seasoning on the batter that it purely tasted like batter. The only thing that really made it better was the tatziki dressing and of course adding salt & pepper to the mix.

Rogue Kitchen & WetBar on Urbanspoon


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