Cinco de Mayo

image2Today I ventured to Ladner after work to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some old coworkers. I thought that this would be a good time to try the new Gabriel Medium Beige Dual Powder Foundation. Gabriel Cosmetics is a cruelty free, certified gluten free and 100% vegan brand from Seattle, Washington. I actually ran to the Canada Line and then jumped on during rush hour so we were packed like sardines. So my face was a tad sweaty but it managed to stay on! I loved how smooth it felt to put on and how breathable it truly was.

At the end of the day I realized that Cinco de Mayo might be one of my favorite celebrations since it was an excuse to eat tons of nachos, cheese dip, guacamole and drink beer. Except the beer ran out and I was introduced to the boxed wines. They are quite dangerous! Solely for the reason that you can’t see how much you’ve already drank until it’s empty. And amazingly with all the wine drinking and cheese eating I felt the powder foundation stayed on and was very light weight if not weightless. I’m now looking forward to the summer with this little magic compact!


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