Last night I attended the Shanti Uganda’s film screening of ‘Sister: An Intimate Portrait of a Global Health Crisis’ by Brenda Davis held at the SFU Goldcorp Centre for Performing Arts in part with Reel Causes.

Before the film a friend and I stopped at Tacomio for some snacks, I was only peckishly hungry so tried their Chicharon & Tortillas with Guacamole. Guacamole was amazing as always and the chicharon was light and fluffy! As we were leaving we were offered strawberry tequila popsicles! Of course I took one. It was very yummy.

I’ve always been involved with the Shanti Uganda since I discovered them during a BCIT marketing course. I love everything about them and what they do. The Shanti Uganda was started by local Vancouverite Natalie Angell-Besseling after her witnessing how women with AIDs in Uganda were treated during a trip there. It is run from a little office in Gastown but has developed the little village of Luwero into something quite amazing for women, who once would have been socially marginalized, and their newborns. Their administration team is nothing but amazing, humble and down to earth women who are really fighting for this amazing cause.

I was not prepared for how emotionally moving and graphic the film was going to be. I watched it horrified of the conditions that still exist for women in developing countries. Questions of access and social cultural traditions are crazy and insane factors to maternal deaths. As well the importance of midwives and traditional birth attendants in the role of supporting women. I came out completely shocked of the circumstances women in developing countries are faced with and grateful for where I am today. Afterward there was a panel discussing the issues and how we, the women in Canada, are affected by it. The experience also sparked a new fire in finding a way to support the women out there who are experiencing this reality. I will think of how to help through my non-profit, Median Fundraising.

If you are interested in supporting the Shanti Uganda and their work check out their website.


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