Date Night Friday


IMG_2647Last night I decided to plan a date night surprise for my boyfriend. I thought it would be fun and different. After work I had my hair appointment at Sutro Hair Salon on West 8th and Cambie. They have the most amazing people working there. Tara Lynn was so great at teaching me the best way to achieve volume in my hair AND she made me look so fabulous. So when I met up with my boyfriend I not only looked great but also felt like a million dollars (minus the hair bits on my top).

He had no idea what I had planned for the night and kept guessing with each step we took. I asked him not to bring his car but to meet by foot instead. We walked down from the Starbucks on Cambie to Spyglass Place which was also a ferry dock for the False Creek Ferries. To his surprise we took a ferry over False Creek and walked to a nice little restaurant right by the water.

IMG_2648We had the pleasure of experiencing dinner at Ten Ten Tapas under the Burrard Street bridge. I started with a flight of BC white wines (my fave was the Burrowing Owl Pinot Gris hands down) and some root chips with a deadly carrot ginger dip. Dinner itself was a glazed roasted black cod with shiitake mushroom, pea shoots, soba noodle cake with this drug like of a soy glaze & carrot ginger emulsion. This dining experience, with its view of the marina on False Creek and the live flamenco guitarist serenading diners on the patio, may have been one of the best I’ve had to date. The food was delicious, portions were just right and the price was not insane!

Our little perfect romantic dinner had abruptly ended when my debit card didn’t work… at first it was a TCP error (clearly signal issues) and the second read ‘Insufficient Funds’ which was really confusing because I know I had enough money for dinner that night; infact I had enough money for dinner all weekend long so I’m not really sure what happened at that restaurant. My boyfriend ended up paying and then asking me if I was alright financially, which he knows my financial situation so it was just an awkward moment. I may have attempted to reassure him that the machine should have ran through as we walked over the Burrard Street bridge toward Kits. It was so horrifying and embarrassing but I was actually just really confused at how it could have happened. We stopped at the Charqui Grill for a pint and a cheesecake which I thought was mediocre coming from an amazing dinner!

Ten Ten Tapas on Urbanspoon


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