The Cycle

Last night I went back to Open Door Yoga for the Yin class with Sadie. I have truly come to appreciate this form of yoga as my mental thoughts race a mile a minute most days. Sadie again was a phenomenal instructor. She asks us to hold our poses and feel the different ligaments in our bodies that we don’t normally pay attention to. I came out of the class feeling stretched, refreshed and mentally calm.

It’s so important to take time out of your weekly schedule to practice calm and stillness. Every second of our daily lives we are inundated with things that require our attention whether its driving to work, working in front of a computer or trying to plan our errands and attempts to workout. And when our days don’t require us to work we try and take advantage of the freedom by planning activities to do, coordinating with friends and end up mentally exhausted by the end of the year!

I fall into this bracket of people who constantly need to do something. It actually takes effort for me to relax and I’m not the only one. I have friends who need to occupy every minute of their day to ensure they are productive with their time. I’m not sure if it’s a distraction mechanism or just their endless energy but by the end of the week or the month they’re feeling miserable that their efforts haven’t amounted to anything. That’s not to single them out as I myself have also felt like this. I work for months on end without a breather and towards the end of it am unhappy, probably from lack of sleep or real relaxation, and deduce that I’ve progressed to nothing. It’s an easy cycle, I find, today with everyone trying to work hard for a living but we are deteriorating ourselves!

I’m hoping that an hour of stillness and mental calm (along with some stretching) each week will end my cycle.


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