On my way home today I almost got hit by an SUV limo. It was at a pedestrian controlled intersection when the visual symbol of the walking man and the sounds of beeping indicated it was safe to cross, however it really was not. I could see the SUV Limo attempting to brake but clearly not enough to stop before the white line. I thought to myself, shit, if I was visually impaired or if I was a bike racing across the intersection I would have been smoked! I think I stood on the sidewalk for a while before my mind overcame the shock. And thankfully, here I still am.

My day started at the Aperture Coffee Bar on Broadway near Alberta. It was a cute little cafe front with a chandelier hanging above the coffee bar and a large bookshelf with books of all kinds for you to take and read. The coffee itself was pretty amazing. I had a large cup – this may have been the main reason behind my productivity at work. The day seemed to have flown by, possibly the caffeine, but in the moment that I realized I could have been hit by the limo I felt like everything stood so still. It took so much for me to reconnect mentally. I somehow walked across the street but even as I got to the other sidewalk, I was still quite stunned.

I don’t know what would have happened if I did get hit and I didn’t spend much time thinking about it. While in this blog I rant and rave about bad service, questionable food and vent about my relationships I do not intend to start speculating negative outcomes or ‘what-ifs’. This blog exists to air ‘dirty laundry’ with the pure and honest hope that it will be beneficial for someone somewhere; quite possibly for myself in situations where I question to find the deeper truth.


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