La – Ti – Da!

I’m still re-living my amazing hair cut and styling appointment at the Sutro Salon last Friday. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so lavish and indulgent getting a haircut. My hair grows so fast I can’t afford to get fancy haircuts every time. Actually, I’ll be honest, I don’t put much effort with my hair as I should. I am the type of person that has been blessed with the ability to get up in the morning put clothes on, brush my teeth and leave. The most facial decorative activity I do might be to put eyeliner on and use the Pacifica alight multi-mineral BB Cream. Both of which are the meat and bread to my morning routine. Pacifica’s tinted BB Cream provides moisture to my face with natural ingredients while adding a bit of tint/sparkle and the eyeliner I use is the MAC Liquidlast – it really lasts. It’s oil based so only apply a solid line but when I feel more dramatic I’ll apply a few strokes.

Back to the hair. So last week when I had my hair styled by Tara Lynn at Sutro I complained about it being flat and limp. Aside from the amazing hair cut she gave and tricks/tips to hair styling she taught she also introduced me to the Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity product. I’m not sure what it is but I treat it almost like mousse except it’s not mousse and it does wonderful things to my hair. It feels so light and airy but somehow volumized! The only downside is that it’s quite expensive! However, like most things that are of quality I would say it’s worth it but that’s an assessment you should make on your own.


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