Typically I post blogs with pre-concieved subjects before I get down to typing. This morning I planned to blog but I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about. I set out with laptop in my cute Shanti Uganda pack and walked around hunting for a cafe with wifi. I stopped into Benny’s Cafe grabbed a coffee and turned my laptop on. Just as I was setting up I realized today was one of my good friend Renee’s birthday and knew what I was going to blog about. At first I thought I would just post a photo of us from way back when as I  habitually logged into my Facebook like an addict but decided to write this blog instead.

The topic of ‘friends’ or ‘good friends’ is quite general, vague and almost always overused. Note: I don’t typically use the term ‘best’ friends because I’m not sure I like the idea of comparing the nature of a relationship over another. The substantial quality within each of my relationships with my friends don’t require comparison. Anyway, to avoid rambling here is the topic of this blog: Renee.

renI went to a private high school with Renee in suburbs of Port Coquitlam, creepily enough our high school was next door to the plot of land Robert Pickton owned (if you don’t know, Google him). My first memory of Renee was during one of our ‘Jeans Days’. She wore a very daring red leather jacket pant suit pair thing. I’m sure she hates that I brought this up let alone reminded her that it exists.  Once I got over the shock factor I literally was at awe at how confident and daring she was to be able to wear that and even now think about how socially suicidal that was with the nature of our high school! And I thankfully have been good friends with her until now, 13 years later. To this day I can truly say she is one of the strongest most resilient women I know. From jumping out of planes, to traveling to Thailand for three months with her boyfriend (quite courageous!), to being able to support her family during their darkest times and all the while living with MS. I have no idea how I would be able to do it the way she has. I have nothing but utmost respect and admiration for women like her.

While I have many wonderful people I am blessed to call friends in my life, today I am thankful for my friend Renee.



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