Extreme Air indeed

On Sunday we decided to check out the Extreme Air Park in Richmond. It seemed like fun so why not. Upon arrival, it was swarmed with children – should be expected. We did hope and pray that it wouldn’t be AS packed since it was the long weekend and that most people were out in the Okanagan, South of the Border or up in Squamish/Whistler.

They gave us these brightly colored yellow socks with grips on the soles, I was excited already. Upon entering the park it was pretty much a multitude of trampolines and then further down a narrow hallway was a trampoline with a foam pit, half pipe and dodge ball court! Of course with all the children jumping and flipping I was more worried I would knock someone over. It was good fun though! We purchased 1.5 hours but an hour would have been enough. I did so much jumping and throwing my hands up in the air I was sore and felt my brain was also mushed around by the end of the day. So while I definitely suggest checking this place out, just proceed with caution!


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