They don’t call it Burnaby North for nothing.

Wednesday was my aunt’s birthday dinner at Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria on Hastings in Burnaby’s north side. As it had been a great weather week I decided it would be fun to commute via bike. After Google Mapping the location from my home on Renfrew and Broadway I thought 8 km wouldn’t be too bad as I had previously biked from Kitsilano around False Creek to English Bay and back for a total of 22km. What I failed to look at was the inclines of the route I was to take. After just ten minutes or 2 km into the ride I was already dry heaving from the hill getting east of Renfrew.

An hour and ten minutes later I arrived at Fell and Hastings sweaty, out of breath and basically not ready to party. Fortunately we were late and were immediately greeted by my family members, handed sangria to drink and swarm of food came. The sangria was nice, not too sweet and not too alcoholic. The food varied, some dishes were over salted I thought but in general I was starving and devoured all of it. My favorites might have been the calamari, Carne flat bread (I drizzled some of their garlic extra virgin olive oil over it) and dessert! The Budino made of Butterscotch pudding, chocolate mousse, salted rosemary caramel, honeycomb crumble was probably one of the best things I’ve ever swallowed in life. Soft, creamy, sweet and salty – I wanted to eat the entire serving by myself. If there’s anything I would suggest having there it would be the Budino.

And just like dessert the bike ride back home was all down hill – well mostly. Actually, it really wasn’t BUT the heat of the sun was no longer beating overhead rather it was replaced with a beautiful sunset and from where we biked you could see downtown Vancouver with hues of pink and purple overcast.

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