Beer, Beer and Plantain Chips

This weekend was quite the luxury for me. Aside from a couple of hours of working on my non-profit on Saturday morning, a co-worker’s birthday in the early evening and my family day on Sunday afternoon I didn’t make any plans. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I know you must be saying that those are plans but if you really knew me most days are fully booked by the minute! Now you must be thinking I am a snob or you also are a scheduling fiend!

Anyway, Friday I got off work and randomly decided to bike to BierCraft on Cambie with my boyfriend. We ate their poutine with barbeque braised beef brisket, Drunken Mussels (marinated in BierCraft pilsner, cilantro and lime butter) and BierCraft Burger. For the price of the food I almost expected a little bit more with portions and since we were both starving the food should have tasted amazing however it was a little lack luster. The mussels were good, nothing too special but the poutine for $13.50 should have tasted phenomenal with all the gravy and cheese curds. The burger I thought was a little dry and quite tasteless. Aside from the food, the waiter was amazing and I loved the Grimbergen! If I returned it would be solely for the beer … and their outdoor patio (like every other Vancouverite).

Saturday night my boyfriend and I decided to wander down towards Kits Beach. We made it in to Hapa Beach for some appies and some drinks. They had a really super inexpensive Pabst Blue Ribbon which I loved (probably because of the price). I had their yummy popcorn pork and the amazing Ahi Tuna Avocado Salsa dip with plantain chips. I loved everything. The only hiccup may have been waiting 10 minutes for a manager to seat us. We arrived at about 9pm there were at least 10 tables empty but I guess not all servers or staff are allowed to seat customers? Not too sure. Might be an excuse to make a return for the dip! Initially I was going to talk about everything I ate this past weekend but then I realized this could be content for my next post!


BierCraft Bistro on Urbanspoon


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