5K for ChildRun

It’s been about a full year since I’ve done any form of actual running. Due to my hip injury, which provides me with significant pain just from walking or standing all day long, I haven’t ventured outside to run. It wasn’t until my first RMT appointment when I felt miraculously healed that I registered for a small warm up run (this was before my Osteopath told me not to avoid running). I stubbornly pushed through with it anyway, of course I was taking it easy as it was a fun run mostly to support research for childhood cancers at BC Children’s Hospital.

I probably ran 2KM straight before I started walking from just being out of shape and then ran on and off for the rest of the race. My hip started acting up half way through though and so it was really mostly walking. My mom had been hesitant for me to do this as I have had my hip issues; frankly I guess I should have waited more. And while I didn’t run it all or ‘race’ to the finish I still was quite overwhelmed with the feeling of accomplishment towards the end. When I arrived on site that morning I already felt as if I belonged to part of a community. That morning there were crowds of people running around with tons of children and it felt like we were all here for one reason that we shared close to our hearts.

When you have a loved one pass away too soon it takes an emotional and mental toll on you as a person. And when it’s a disease, you somehow feel as if you have a little bit of control over the success of treatment. There is that little bit of hope that resides depending on the disease and the support that exists for research. And while I’ve lost my little cousin to cancer I refuse to let my hope of finding a cure diminish. Every aspect of my life has been affected by his loss. There is not one thing I do that does not reflect living life to my very best and most genuine self.  And while I know that I myself can’t fund a whole research team, my small acts of fundraising and raising awareness is bound to ripple into a tide of change.


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