Lazy Days

So it seems that summer in Vancouver has started. What comes with the heat and the sunny skies are lazy days filled with patio sipping and flip flop tan lines. Last Friday, I celebrated with my boyfriend as he marked his 4th year in Vancouver. His migration story is something that is quite remarkable to me. He grew up in a little town of Wicklow in Ireland and as I’ve been told employment opportunities in Ireland are quite limited so he packed up his bags for Vancouver. Of course he had family and friends that he is quite close to (and still misses to this day) however he didn’t see a future for himself there and courageously set out for a land he had never been before with no one he know of. It’s quite brave and adventurous, something I would love to do however, realistically could not. I think the little adventurer inside of me wishes but my real home centered individual doesn’t. I could never imagine a life outside of Vancouver — and I have tried as far as traveling back to my home town in the Philippines for several months. There is nothing like the fresh air, mountain views and just enough city life to keep you entertained but of course my family & friends are my anchors in this city. Nonetheless, I am very impressed by someone who is able to know what he wants and pick up all he has and literally go for it. This is what I felt we were celebrating.

I surprised him with dinner at Lift in beautiful Coal Harbour and we had the backdrop of the amazing Stanley Park and North Shore mountains surrounding us. It was breathtaking. Dinner was also quite amazing. I had the sable fish with this grainy mustard sauce cooked to absolute perfection, it was a ‘melt in your mouth with crisp skin’ heaven. My boyfriend had a 10oz ribeye with scalloped potatoes – also tasted like crack in your mouth. We may have devoured our meals feverishly as it tasted soo good! The prices were quite reasonable for the ambiance and the quality of the food. The service I thought could have been improved but wasn’t bad. Overall, I would save this place for special occasions.

Due to our food coma state post meal we walked from Coal Harbour to English Bay and watched the sun set along the park. It was quite a romantic beautiful day.



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