Lazy Days with Summer Rolls

I think only the privileged can really complain about all the sun and heat we’ve been getting in Vancouver. Here I am complaining about both. It’s hard to appreciate when all you want to do is laze around. Maybe that has something more to do with gaining more energy. In attempt to increase my own energy levels I’ve been biking to work (since I can’t run right now) and am trying to change up my diet.  Slowly but surely, I will maintain a healthy eating lifestyle as in less processed foods to be replaced with more lean meats, fresh veggies and natural nutritious snacks.

CaptureLast week I had this goal in my mind and shared it with a friend at work. We set aside this evening to make a healthy and nutritious dinner. She did most of the work to be honest, as natural nutrition is her background she has a liking for cooking and growing her own herbs. So with all her healthy veggies and home grown basil we made vegetarian summer rolls with a mildly spicy peanut satay sauce! She also blogs so check out her post here for how we did it.

Here’s to hoping I can maintain a healthy eating streak for the summer! Or atleast for dinner? … dinners during the week!




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