A day for my Dad

I was a little conflicted in writing this since my Facebook feed was filled with Father’s Day postings and I wasn’t sure I wanted to add to it. I also think it’s crazy that it’s only this one day that we have to display our gratitude and appreciation for someone who has played such a vital part of who we are. And while I hate to add to the feeds or fail to recognize that not all fathers have taken on their responsibility I think that my dad deserves to be showered with so much love and appreciation today (even though he’ll most likely shy away from it).

I’m not really sure of where to start. My gratitude for my dad could take up days even months to write but here is the Coles notes:

My dad was is funny, intelligent, hardworking and I can actually say that he is one of my best friends. I was disciplined so much growing up not just because I ever did anything wrong 🙂 but because I was being taught to develop good habits. I remember I was in elementary school he put together math problems for me to do before I even knew what homework meant. He would be so disappointed when I couldn’t get them all right or that I couldn’t memorize my multiplication table. And I loved him so much I felt so upset that one day and I told him that he expected too much from me when all the other kids at school weren’t doing this. He told me that it doesn’t matter what all the other kids in school weren’t doing. And we continued doing them anyway but he displayed less disappointment. Then in the summers up until I started working in high school him and my mom gave us daily school lessons. I obviously threw a fit then and couldn’t understand why we were working so hard when all the other kids were going on vacations and spending lots of money on things that didn’t matter … wait, I think that was my realization now.  There wasn’t a moment where I felt that my dad did things that he thought would make me feel cool or belong socially. He always acted out of what he believed was right and that which would produce a greater benefit for me in the future.
Twenty years or so later here I am in complete gratitude for the tenacity and independence that he has instilled within me. I can say that even now, it’s hard to find people who do things based on what they think is for the greater good. Most people act to please, to gain friendships, or to maintain appearances. It’s hard to find that distinct quality in people and I am so grateful to have someone in my life to teach me that doing things for a greater purpose is at most times far better than just taking pleasure of what is temporary.

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