Be Better

This week has been… interesting.

Last night I visited an aunt, who is one not out of biology but of upbringing, at Vancouver General Hospital. She had just been operated on as her appendix was infected and couldn’t take oral chemotherapy before that happened. Yes, she has bone cancer which five years ago started as breast cancer but she got a double mastectomy to stop it – clearly didn’t work. So many people close to me have experienced and undergone a life threatening illness. To be frank, it’s fcking heartbreaking. And every time it has caused me to alter my perspective of life to strive to do better, be better and well now eat better. As while they are struggling in their journey it doesn’t mean that they can’t be my source of inspiration/motivation to do better with my life.

So my journey of eating better and being better begins! Recently I’ve been eating raw colors of the rainbow. Salads, smoothies and fresh foods. It’s hard when there are so many inexpensive chemically laden easy food around but it’s a habit I need to instill now in hopes of good health. Aside from eating better, I am looking more into what I apply onto my skin. With the summer here in Vancouver, and my trip to Florida on the horizon, I am looking quite closely at the ingredients of my sunscreen, my face cream, and everything in between. I discovered an amazing site that pretty much addresses what ingredients are harmful and why then provides a rating of harmful toxins on consumer products. Check them out:

What this blog isn’t meant to do is to scare people into eating better or being better but it’s to pose a challenge to your every day routine. Everyone is so scared to eat anything or do anything because “everything is bad for you” but really it’s not. It’s just a matter of doing some reading/research to know what is TRULY GOOD for you. It’s a matter of small steps towards the healthier direction. On my way to Whole Foods now for breakfast …  😉


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