The Sunshine State – Miami

Recently I went on vacation in the Sunshine state they call Florida. It was beautiful, but hot and very sticky. My boyfriend and I flew down to surprise his brother (originally from Ireland). Prior to the surprise we spent a day in Miami where we experienced a wonderful live band in Little Havana then ate slivers of plantain and fried pork skin at the Ball & Chain. Service was not that great, it seemed to take forever for our waitress to take our order, bring us water, and grab the bill. I also got served with a broken glass and the price of the food was pretty expensive. The music was amazing though and the drinks during happy hour were two for one!

During the day we tried to find Miami Beach. I think now we went to the north most side of it because although it was beautiful we were around resorts and they were updating some of the buildings – so less of the brightly colored towers. It was beautiful nonetheless! We had lunch at the Corydon Hotel which served LARGE portions we both lamely had burgers. I really wasn’t too adventurous with my meals in the first part of this trip. The service was amazing though! Friendly and attentive.

The hotel we stayed at sat on Biscayne Bay. It was a beautiful location but bordered the downtown district which was quiet and empty during the weekend. The YVE Hotel also had a little bar/grill in its lobby that served a breakfast for $25/person! It was insane. We opted for the a la carte menu and I had a Floridian Breakfast – granola with greek yogurt, natural honey and fresh berries. It came to a whopping $12! Service, however, was good they were attentive but they failed to notice that they hadn’t provided us with cutlery – even after they served us our food. I’m not too particular but when it’s first thing in the morning and you’ve put food in front of hungry people make sure they can eat it!


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