Food & Aging

There are times in life when you are made to stop and think of everything that’s going on and what you are doing in your own life. I guess as I get closer to 30 (getting to another decade in my mind) there have been more instances where I’ve had to stop and think macroscopically. My hip issue had caused me to stop and my recent trip to my family doctor has shaken my reality. I’ve gained a significant amount of weight since my last visit and although it could be attributed to my lack of cardio from my hip it has more to do with what I eat/drink. I kept eating the same and now drinking more. I’m pretty much on the road to deterioration.

Before I go into my paragraph of what I will do to cut back and tighten up my eating regime, I just thought to myself how it’s possible that there are a good number of people out there that are bombarded with food, food and more food. Eating and drinking makes up such a large activity in our society. Our city alone hosts hundreds of thousands of restaurants and bars. How are people eating and drinking yet managing to stay healthy?! A quick flick through the Food Network and you see the top 5 BBQ restaurants in America, the amazing things you can make with lots of cream and a deep fryer! Yet I know so many people who eat and drink beer on a weekly basis but don’t struggle with health (atleast not on the surface since they do it so often). For me it’s not just the weight gain that is cause for caution but the sicknesses and diseases that come with it. I was actually in the doctor’s office waiting for my turn when a woman who looked to be in her late sixties was pushed on a wheelchair into the office by her son. She just sat there and slept. Yet I know and have met so many people in their 70’s and 80’s who are so fit and mobile! I guess this is why aging is such an issue for most because we think of aging and our mind fast forwards to when we’re much older.

So now I have to eat less white starch carbs, more berries and fill my meals with protein – no alcoholic beverages. It will be an interesting summer!


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