29 on the 29th!

Yes, it’s quite dramatic of me to make my return to blogging on my birthday. I guess this is the space I use to openly voice my thoughts and lately I’ve had so many scattered ones that I couldn’t formalize into an organized post.

Anyway, today I turn 29 and since it’s the 29th I believe that’s considered my royal birthday! Tooting my own horn I know – I do it a lot. To be honest, there is really nothing wrong with it. I can be humble but when push comes to shove an individual should be able to express their self confidence/reliance without judged.  This isn’t really where this post is going though. This post is about the people and the experience I’ve been so blessed to have in my life.

I guess you can call me a very observant & reflective person. From the moment I was young I always took note of people’s activities and wondered why they did them. When I became a teenager I came to understand that I had the ability to act on my own but understood the values instilled behind every action. I set goals and aspirations for myself in the future – not super ambitious but ambitious enough. And before I became a young adult my world was shaken a few times. From my aunt being diagnosed with breast cancer, my 8 year old cousin passing of cancer then my mom having a stroke – events like those should shake a person to reality. And that definitely did it for me. It caused me to stop and think about life and the purpose of it. Since that time I’ve decided to take on a mentality of gratitude and the desire to support those who are unable to help themselves grew. Median Fundraising was formed from those tumultuous times. And it still exists today because of the rare individuals I’ve been fortunate to meet, who share the same mission in life to share support within our community and most importantly the people who have been the backbone of my life. You come across so many people in life but the ones I call my family/friends are those who I share so much with, they are the ones who I have partied unbelievably with, grew through high-school with,  travelled with but most of all they have been with me through it all from my insane break out periods to my 24/7 workaholic phases.  My family who I seek for constant guidance and despite being taken for granted are always there for me. I am so grateful for each and every one of them because I know without their friendship I would not be where I am today.





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