Oh Summer!

With the Canadian dollar down and the economy dipping quite low people are holding fast to their hard earned dollars. In the non-profit charity community it’s had some startling effects, lack of funding and cutting of programs are a few of the results of tight kept pockets.

As an income earner myself I completely understand the trend for people to hold fast to their salary and spend money on their immediate surrounding (ie. themselves). This is in no means a complaint or judgement but merely an observation. I know I work hard for my money but I work harder for social development. During the summer is when we see most people spend more money on themselves and quite easily we can forget about the charity until the fall season. The truth of the matter is that there are people hustling behind these organizations working for quite little to get their programs running whether it be providing care to nurture self-esteem for women on the street to providing medical care to those in the third world. I think it’s easy to look beyond other’s needs when we are faced with amazing weather and dreamy vacations. I get it. But then I think about basically everyone else, those who are struggling financially and medically and I am determined to make a difference!

This August 15th my non-profit Median Fundraising has put together the GoodsSwap – an event that promotes recycling and contribution back into our community! Donated clothing and home goods are being sold at in expensive prices to support our year round events where we raise money for pancreatic cancer research and support organizations in the community. Our proceeds are also being shared with the Shanti Uganda, also a Vancouver based non-profit that provides life-saving services to women with HIV/AIDs in Uganda.


For more information check out our website www.medianfundraising.com or if you want to help email maria@medianfundraising.com




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