Rant & Rave

Typically when a person has a problem, the steps towards resolution is addressing the problem and then resolving. So this blog exists to address the problem as I was not given the proper avenue to do so. I normally don’t go on about bad service because I hate to promote the business since even bad news is good press. This past week I actually experienced something far more grave and insane than what I experienced yesterday but I am chosing to rant and rave about my experience at I Love Sushi in Coquitlam because I wasn’t given the avenue to yesterday.

It was my dad’s birthday and I planned an evening with my family to ‘Roll & Bowl’ – yup I thought it would be cute. I initially thought of Narita Sushi on Schoolhouse but opted for I Love Sushi instead as it was within the same building as the Zone Bowling. I called in and made reservation for 7 so they should have planned for a bigger group. Upon arriving we sat for what seemed to be 10/15 minutes. I merely had to say excuse me to a woman who looked to be a server bustling by and ask for water. I said it in my normal polite but thirsty way. She half turned and sternly told me to ‘Just Wait’. I didn’t expect her to be so rude and neither did the other tables around me since they all stared at her then looked at me and we all pretty much said “wtf”.

At this point my family decided to pay for food where our money would be welcomed so we left. Normally I would brush it off however I chose to ask for the manager or the owner and I was directed to the same woman who I believe is named “Sarah”, the owner’s daughter. I asked a server to speak to her and I saw her brush the server off, as in she didn’t want to speak to me and didn’t want to tell me herself. She did walk by to bring food to a table and I chose to let her know that I felt it was extremely rude for her to respond that way to a customer who just requested for water. She said she didn’t have any more cups for water and that they were extremely busy. I told her that if she had taken the care to explain that to us we would have been understanding. She responded and said they’re busy and we should take our business elsewhere. I had let her know that we did. I looked around the small restaurant of about 15 tables – only about 6 were full.  I question everything about that establishment. The other workers looked too young to work, the tables blocked doors, good thing I didn’t need to order their food. I’ve been there once a while back and it was decent for sushi but I wouldn’t claim they are the best – there are a gazillion other restaurants that actually want your money.

I posted a photo on Instagram to share my horrible experience and I had friends commenting on how it was their favourite restaurant and that Sarah is usually nice. It was unfortunate that I saw her bad side – a side you never typically should see when you are a manager working in a customer service oriented job. I understand we all have bad days but when it’s your job to manage a restaurant treating customers fairly should be number one. Especially if it’s your family business. I would never treat any of my guests at home the way my group was treated.

Unfortunately I chose to rant about this through a blog because I wasn’t given the just treatment, no apology, no rational reason as to why she treated us that way and when I asked to for the owner’s contact information she refused. So I am explaining the altercation to the internet world. As I just wanted to be heard.

Obviously, my advice is to avoid this place unless you are desperate. I definitely kicked myself for not going to Narita Sushi (just a few blocks down). I traveled all the way from Vancouver and they would definitely never disappoint!

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