Holy Basil Batman!

So my wedding day was amazing. It was loads and loads of fun – it went by far too fast.

We had our unplugged ceremony at St. Patrick’s Parish on Main St and our reception at the Permanent on Pender St. Our day was just as magical as every bride imagines it to be.

All day my beautiful bridesmaids kept asking how I was feeling – if I was nervous or anxious and all I kept saying was that I was excited! Before the ceremony I could see the nervous jitters my girlfriends had and even before the speeches my hubby and my maid of honour felt the same. I felt as cool as cucumber! Thanks to the Botanica Holy Basil Phytocap I was able to experience the day as relaxed and in excitement as opposed to being nervous and sick.

I really can’t rave enough about the Botanica Holy Basil and the Ashwagandha. I took these the week of and the day of the wedding. Both came to the rescue! I highly recommend these herbs for all brides!



Cars, cars and more cars

My appreciation for cars and the owners who take such pride in modifying them is growing. My fiance & I travelled to Quebec to experience life on the east side of Canada for the first time. We ate all poutine, drank all the beer and saw very many cars.

Our first weekend in Quebec was spent at Eurocracy Montreal which hosted a huge show full of supercars and modified Volkswagens on display, a race track for rallying and a drag race strip.  You could see the pride in the owners faces as they wiped their cars clean and the eager look of spectators as they took photos of all the shiny cars and their rims. My fiance was beside himself trying to breathe calmly as we entered the lot. He was so excited he looked like a child in an all you can eat ice cream candy shop!

The cars were beautiful in all fairness. The shine of these cars, the spotless engines and insane details – it was truly amazing what these owners did to their cars.

The weekend after we headed to the Formula One Grand Prix and those cars were not shiny but very loud and VERY FAST!  The sound of the engines and the huge crowds definitely created a fun atmosphere but I definitely prefered the ease of wandering around the Eurocracy Show and watching random rallies over the international fast cars any day!




Dreamers + Doers

IMG_6267Tonight I had the immense pleasure of attending my first ever Dreamers  + Doers event at the HootSuite headquarters. I came to know about this event as I was nominated to share the story of Median Fundraising and why it exists towards a chance to win funding. While I did not win, I was invited to this very exclusive event to meet others who had also shared their initiatives and watch the top 5 pitches gain the crowd choice.

Upon attending I met some amazing and wonderful people.  I was pretty star struck when I saw Mark Brand, who continues to do so much work trying to alleviate access to food for those who are marginalized in the Downtown Eastside, attend the event. Then I met someone who through various knew of Median Fundraising and had Liked our Facebook page! But I was even more so blown away by the top five individuals who had submitted their pitch for funding. The top five pitches were:

  • Net2Van: The Digital Nonprofit – an organization that aims to increase tech access for charities and NFPs. They organize gatherings to connect social technology with social change in the local community.
  • The Bus Co-Op – an organization providing community groups, such as seniors centres, with affordable and reliable transportation.
  • Open Science Network – a not for profit aimed at creating a community of scientists by providing lab space in Vancouver.
  • ACTS Canada – an organization that aims to provide Uganda with access to clean water as a chain effect to ensure the social flow – ie. children can continue going to school, mothers and fathers can continue to generate income instead of searching for clean water.
  • Refood – a social enterprise that redirects excess & defective produce from landfills towards homeless shelters and charities.

The night ended with ACTS Canada winning funding from Chimp to produce their Walk for Water Tool Kits – allowing anyone to organize a fundraiser in their community to ‘Walk for Water”. It was such an inspirational evening. I came out of it feeling so motivated to “keep trucking” with Median as I’ve been feeling a little low lately (lack of resources, streamlined processes, general support).

I was reminded that great work takes time, and that the value in what I want to see change is worth every hurdle I will face.

Facebook Cover





2K and Arbonne

This morning I ran 2 km on the treadmill at the Steve Nash Fitness Club at City Centre. I had been off running due to my hip injury as per my osteopath and physiotherapist but lately I haven’t felt the typical pinch and pull from my hip since my RMT appointment. So I decided to run a 5K for the BC Children’s Hospital this weekend. Yes, probably not the wisest decision I’ve made … but it was made from the goodness of my heart!

Anyway, this morning I ran a whole two kilometers !! It wasn’t forced and I did a good 30 minute warm up including stretches, weight machines for my legs/hip etc. I was pretty sweaty but it felt so good! I forgot how great it felt to run! And since I wasn’t full out running I could measure and assess my breathing. So aside from all the huffing and puffing of everyone around me I felt so calm.

After my workout I showered (of course) and used Arbonne’s  Restorative Day Cream, Liquid Primer & Perfecting Liquid Foundation. I just recently was told about the amazingness of Arbonne so I had to try their products. I loved the texture of applying the primer to my face. It felt so much like silk! The perfecting liquid foundation was also quite easy and didn’t feel like I was adding chemicals to my face. It provided such light but solid coverage! Both felt so smooth to put on and a great alternate to my tinted moisturizer.  If you’re in Vancouver and want to give them a try let me know and I know just the person to connect you to!

La – Ti – Da!

I’m still re-living my amazing hair cut and styling appointment at the Sutro Salon last Friday. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so lavish and indulgent getting a haircut. My hair grows so fast I can’t afford to get fancy haircuts every time. Actually, I’ll be honest, I don’t put much effort with my hair as I should. I am the type of person that has been blessed with the ability to get up in the morning put clothes on, brush my teeth and leave. The most facial decorative activity I do might be to put eyeliner on and use the Pacifica alight multi-mineral BB Cream. Both of which are the meat and bread to my morning routine. Pacifica’s tinted BB Cream provides moisture to my face with natural ingredients while adding a bit of tint/sparkle and the eyeliner I use is the MAC Liquidlast – it really lasts. It’s oil based so only apply a solid line but when I feel more dramatic I’ll apply a few strokes.

Back to the hair. So last week when I had my hair styled by Tara Lynn at Sutro I complained about it being flat and limp. Aside from the amazing hair cut she gave and tricks/tips to hair styling she taught she also introduced me to the Kevin Murphy Anti-Gravity product. I’m not sure what it is but I treat it almost like mousse except it’s not mousse and it does wonderful things to my hair. It feels so light and airy but somehow volumized! The only downside is that it’s quite expensive! However, like most things that are of quality I would say it’s worth it but that’s an assessment you should make on your own.

Cinco de Mayo

image2Today I ventured to Ladner after work to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with some old coworkers. I thought that this would be a good time to try the new Gabriel Medium Beige Dual Powder Foundation. Gabriel Cosmetics is a cruelty free, certified gluten free and 100% vegan brand from Seattle, Washington. I actually ran to the Canada Line and then jumped on during rush hour so we were packed like sardines. So my face was a tad sweaty but it managed to stay on! I loved how smooth it felt to put on and how breathable it truly was.

At the end of the day I realized that Cinco de Mayo might be one of my favorite celebrations since it was an excuse to eat tons of nachos, cheese dip, guacamole and drink beer. Except the beer ran out and I was introduced to the boxed wines. They are quite dangerous! Solely for the reason that you can’t see how much you’ve already drank until it’s empty. And amazingly with all the wine drinking and cheese eating I felt the powder foundation stayed on and was very light weight if not weightless. I’m now looking forward to the summer with this little magic compact!